MSDN Academic Alliance


Microsoft offers its MSDN Academic Alliance service, a web portal that universities can customize, where students and professors of scientific and technological degrees can download, through the RedIRIS Identity Service SIR, all the software with an education license, except Office and Outlook. Please refer to the service configuration guide to access MSDN Academic Alliance through SIR.

Technical card


User rights:

  • Students and professors of scientific and technological degrees.

Mandatory attributes:

  • sHO
  • ePA:
    • student or faculty, staff for service administrators.
  • ePE:
  • And one of the next ones (in order of preference):

Attributes sent PAPI 1:

  • uid:
    • Computed by means of the uid, mail or ePTI attributes.
  • groups:
    • The value received in the ePA attribute.