Lista de proveedores de servicio en el SIR

Collaborative tools

In SIR, we are offering services which make easier the collaboration between users.

Each service in the list includes the list of required attributes (in SIR compact format) that the identity provider must assert for a proper authorization, together with the list of attributes (in the format of the protocol required by the SP) exchanged by SIR with the corresponding service provider.

Consigna at University of Córdoba is a file sharing site, where users from SIR are allow to share their files even with external users.

The DOCENCIA-NET training portal is a Learning Management System (LMS) connected to the SIR federation, where training material and coordination of the DOCENCIA-NET group is hosted, that can also be used by all the RedIRIS community. The software used is Moddle version 2 with the standard modules, which is one of the learning platforms most used globally nowadays.

Foodle is a service for simple surveys or polls and for scheduling meetings.

The GISELA Project (Grid Initiatives for e-Science virtual communities in Europe and Latin America) aims at: Implementing the Latin American Grid Initiative (LGI) sustainability model rooted on National Grid Initiatives (NGI) or Equivalent Domestic Grid Structures (EDGS), in association with CLARA , the Latin American NRENs and collaborating with the European Grid Initiative (EGI). Providing Virtual Research Communities (VRCs) with the e-Infrastructure and Application-related Services required to improve the effectiveness of their research. The Project encompasses 19 Partners from 15 countries in Europe and Latin America.

Telecommunications Platform for schools and classrooms of the UNED that, forming a National Training Services, Information and Communication, constitutes a teaching tool for adaptation to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). The AVIP platform serves Repository services "Direct Campus Chain, Deferred Campus Chain" and Slate and Conference Online services.

A set of federated tools by the Gtea research group (University of Malaga) to allow educational innovation and research.

INDICATE delivers two pilot applications to the Digital Cultural Heritage community: e-Infrastructure-enabled semantic search for cultural repositories, and e-Infrastructure-enabled e-Collaborative Digital Archive protected by access control and rights management.

MrBosy by the Carlos III University of Madrid is a service that allows managing Adobe Connect software collaboration rooms. By means of this application you can make bookings and invite people to participate both internal and external to the institutions. System controls the availability of the rooms and collects statistical data about usage.

This wiki is a collaborative tool concerning security in sites from the South West (SWE) Federation, where Portuguese and Spanish Grid initiatives are participating under the European project EGEE.

VALITER is a terminology validation network in spanish, promoted by AETER (Spanish Association on Terminology) and driven by the initiative of translators and terminologists from european institutions and terminology comissions of academic and professional institutions.

Internet2's Federated Wiki where you can find collaboration spaces for various activities, projects, and groups in Internet2.

This Science Gateway has been built mainly for the Virtual Research Community of the agINFRA project but it is of course open to everybody interested in agricultural sciences. The agINFRA Science Gateway meshes-up Grid Computing and Cloud Computing enabled applications and lets users access them in an easy, transparent and ubiquitous way.