SIR Service Providers

Hardware and Software

This is the list of the service providers participating in SIR which may be of interest to institutions and users for acquiring hardware or downloading software under special conditions.

Each service in the list includes the list of required attributes (in SIR compact format) that the identity provider must assert for a proper authorization, together with the list of attributes (in the format of the protocol required by the SP) exchanged by SIR with the corresponding service provider.

Apple on Campus is a secure and private online store designed specifically for universities.

Microsoft offers the MSDN Academic Alliance service, a customized portal for universities and educational organizations, from where students and professors of scientific and technical degrees will be able, thanks to the SIR federation, to download all its software with educational license, except Outlook and Office.

DreamSpark is a program set up by Microsoft to provide students with software design and development tools at no charge.