Identity Providers Participating in SIR

Information about the new SIR2 federation

The new SIR2 federation is being rolled out. At this moment, we are in the process of contacting Identity Provider administrators of the SIR federation, providing them information about the migration of their Identity Provider to the new federation.

Meanwhile all the IdPs get migrated, the new SPs will continue to register at the SIR federation.

We have written this article (Spanish) describing the different migration phases, which are documented extensively at the new federation website.

If in doubts, plase continue to use this federation contact form, or, if it's related to the new federation, please use any of the contact forms listed at the 'Contact' section of the new federation website.

You will find below the list of institutions currently participating in the RedIRIS Identity Service. Press + to see technical details for each provider.

[+] BCBL
[+] CBUC
[+] CICA
[+] CIRP
[+] CNIO
[+] CSIC
[+] CSUC
[+] CTTC
[+] ICFO
[+] IFAE
[+] INTA
[+] IRAM
[+] IVIE
[+] Senado
[+] UNED