The RedIRIS Network

RedIRIS has RedIRIS-NOVA at its disposal in order to fulfil its mission, and this dark fibre-based optical transmission backbone network will be in operation over the coming decades. The use of advanced optical equipment means that the Spanish research community has access to multiple circuits of up to 100 gigabytes per second from the main research centres, including the astronomical observatories in the Canary Islands. This network enables Spanish researchers to have tools at their disposal to collaborate with each other electronically under optimum conditions, both in-country (over regional networks) and overseas.

RedIRIS-NOVA offers access to the worldwide research network over the pan-European GÉANT network, a dark fibre network infrastructure with a point of presence in each country that interconnects the 33 national research networks. GÉANT is a hybrid network that supports circuit switching and packet switching services. It also provides access to research networks in other parts of the world, such as Internet2 (USA), Canarie (Canada), RedCLARA (Latin America), EUMEDCONNECT3 (North Africa), UbuntuNet (Eastern and Southern Africa), TENET (South Africa), TEIN3 (Asia-Pacific), SINET (Japan), CERNET and CSTNET (China) and ERNET (India).

RedIRIS’ external connectivity includes access to the Global Commercial Internet through two outlets to two international providers. In addition, RedIRIS is present on the national exchange points ESPANIX and CATNIX, which are located in Madrid and Barcelona respectively, and international exchange points like GigaPIX, the Portuguese neutral exchange point.

The RedIRIS peering policy is available here.