How to configure access to MSDN Academic Alliance

To get all the benefits of acessing MSDN Academic Alliance through the RedIRIS Identity Service, each institution must configure its e-Learning License Management System (ELMS) according with the following instructions:

  1. If you are the MSDN Academic Alliance service administrator, you should have received detailer instructions by e-mail on how to create your new platform. You'll need to follow them as an initial step to this guide.
  2. Once you have your new ELMS up and running, the administrator must login with the provided data and activate the federated user management:
    • First, go to ELMS administrator's web site with the account number provided by Microsoft, as well as the user name and password of the administrator. Please save this information, as it will allow you to access the ELMS as an administrator anytime, once you have activated the access by means of SIR.
    • Inside the administration panel, you'll have to activate the integrated user verification (IUV). Go to the WebStore menu, Verification option. There you'll find the options currently available to manage your user accounts. By default the User import option is active, which you'll need to remove to be able to activate the IUV access method.
  3. Now you have added the option, we will configure it in the popup that opens when clicking on it, entering the settings menu:
    • External Sign-in URL., where ASID is the identifier of your SIR connection. If you don't know it, please check it out here.
    • Calling Server IP Address List:
    • Organization Account Number: the account number provided by Microsoft, previously used to login to this administrator's web site. This account number must be notified to the SIR technicial team.
    • Key: a random key generated with the Generate button. This key must be notified to the SIR technical team in order to configure the gateway.
    • Verify shoppe's IP address: unchecked.
    • IUV Administrator Email Address: the administrator's e-mail address.
  4. Finally, once you have saved your changes, you'll have to contact the SIR technical team to ask for the configuration of your new MSDN Academic Alliance and notify the account number and the key used. We will proccess your request as soon as possible, being the new access functional then. Meanwhile, please make sure your Identity Provider meets the access requisites to guarantee it will work once the gateway is configured.