How to become a Service Provider

Information about the new SIR2 federation

The steps described in this guide continue to be valid, meanwhile all the IdPs from the SIR federation conclude their migration to the new federation.

In order to participate as a Service Provider (SP) in SIR the following steps must be accomplished:

  1. Deploy a SP for any of the protocols supported by SIR and include the appropriate metadata for the test SIRdemo test environment.
  2. Contact the SIR Team to get a temporary identity at the SIR test IdP and validate the connection.
  3. Once the tests are passed, the SP responsible must forward to RedIRIS a properly filled Conditions of Use for SPS document. The document must be sent via ordinary mail to the following address:

    Edificio CICA
    Avda. Reina Mercedes s/n
    41012, Sevilla

  4. Update the SP with the production metadata.
  5. The SIR Team will install the new SP in the federation schema and notify its availability to the IdP operators.