Project Results GN3plus

  • Deployment of the GÉANT pan-European academic and research network: a high-capacity hybrid (100 Gbps at the core of the backbone network), which uses an innovative combination of IP traffic and switching mechanisms, enabling it to reach a high degree of reliability and flexibility in operation.
  • This pan-European research network, operating jointly with national, regional and local networks, enables very high capacity end-to-end connections to be established. The latter will be made available to projects such as the LHC and research communities with the most demanding communications requirements (e-science), such as those of high energy physics, astrophysics, genomics, climatology, etc.
  • Connections to academic and research networks in other parts of the world, in order to achieve a global research network.
  • Joint service provision (CERT, eduGAIN, eduroam, educonf, eduPKI, cloud) and joint development of new services (federated optical switching, network services composition: GEMBus, etc.
  • Deployment of pilots and services relating to identity technology, such as openIDConnect or Moonshot (for the Single Sign-On in non-web environments); and in general, new technology pilots for improving existing services.