RedIRIS involvement GN3plus


RedIRIS contributes to the project by:

  • Participating in project coordination, including participation in the Innovation and Strategy Committee and the Cost-Sharing Committee.
  • Collaborating in various strategic service activities, such as backbone network services (including security aspects in the backbone network), providing network services, network support services and application services.
  • Participating in joint research on identity and trust technology
  • Together with the Portuguese national academic network FCCN, providing the consortium with one of the links of the backbone network (Madrid-Lisbon), leveraging the trans-Iberian academic optical fibre access network deployed by both organisations by using their national backbone networks.
  • The contribution of RedIRIS (and collaborating institutions) to the project in terms of personnel is equivalent to five full-time individuals for the duration of the project (RedIRIS will contribute one of them).