Project Description GN3plus

Project I3 (Integrated Infrastructures Initiative) financed by the 7th European Union R&D Framework Programme (Subsidy agreement number 605243)





Start date:




Expected end date:





24 months



Total budget:

€72 million (European funding: €41 million)




39 European national academic and research networks and 2 entities, DANTE (project coordinator) and TERENA, consisting of academic and research networks.


Third parties which have a relationship with the members collaborate in the project. For example, in the case of Spain, three institutions affiliated with RedIRIS are collaborating: the University of Murcia, the University of the Basque Country and the I2CAT Foundation.


The project has also launched an Open Call worth €3M, requesting proposals from non-profit entities or enterprises to help develop some of the planned activities.




NA (Networking Activities) - Includes project management and coordination (NA1), communication and promotion (NA2), trend analysis (NA3) and international relations and business development (NA4)

SA (Service Activities) – Includes backbone network services (SA1), testbed as a service (SA2), providing network services (SA3), network support services (SA4), application services (SA5), operation and management of services (SA6) and support for cloud services (SA7)

JRA (Joint Research Activities) – Includes network architecture for Horizon 2020 (JRA1), technology testing for specific application services (JRA2) and identity and trust technology for GÉANT services (JRA3)