Participation of RedIRIS in EGI-InSPIRE

RedIRIS contributes to the EGI-InSPIRE project by carrying out tasks in different areas:

1.On one hand, tasks at the NGI level:

  • Coordinating security incidents at the NGI level and the European level as part of task TSA1.2 (A Secure Infrastructure). This activity provides continuity for the work of EGEE III by coordinating aspects of security at European level, appropriately managing the security incidents which arise within the NGI and at international level, incidents which might affect the infrastructure of our NGI. It also runs short courses on security best practices for the NGI as part of grid user training.
  • Maintaining the RT (Request Tracker) ticket system for the NGI, and collaborating on the integration of the different ticket systems which currently exist (GGUS, RT, etc.). This work forms part of task TSA1.6 (Helpdesk Infrastructure).
  • Providing central services to NGI grid users as part of task TSA1.7 (Support Teams).


2.Elsewhere, RedIRIS is responsible for tasks at the global level of the project:

  • Developing and consolidating the use of the performance-monitoring tool Perfsonar between the different grid centres.
  • Maintaining the key public infrastructure pkIRISGrid, used by Spanish NGI users and validated by the European association EUGridPMA, and maintaining a coordinated CRL (Certificate Revocation List) used at the European level.

The work corresponding to these last two points is also part of task TSA1.7 (Support Teams).

Distributed computing also makes intensive use of the communications networks which RedIRIS offers the Spanish academic and scientific community.

The contribution of RedIRIS personnel to the EGI-InSPIRE project is equivalent to more than one full-time member of staff over its four-year period.