Distribution Lists Services

The RedIRIS distribution lists are tools that promote coordination and collaboration between groups of researchers with common interests (e.g. rheumatologists or medieval history experts) by facilitating information exchange via e-mail.

Every list is managed by one or more administrators who have tools at their disposal that enable them to easily adapt the list to their user group's needs. For example, administrators can set different access policies (public lists, private lists, moderated lists, etc.), create web files of the message sent (with an in-built search function), allow messages to be sent through the website, or publish internal newsletters.

The RedIRIS Distribution List Service provides lists with the following characteristics:

  • Wide variety of access policies: public, private, moderated etc.
  • Web files with search engine
  • Sending e-mails via website
  • Area for exchanging files with the BSCW service
  • Sending feeds in RSS format
  • Time planning for sending to a list
  • Creating electronic magazines with a large gallery of HTML templates
  • Complete management tools for list administrators

    Reasons for providing the distribution lists include:

  • Coordinating work groups and/or research projects
  • Creating general interest open forums for the RedIRIS community
  • Collaborating with the Latin American academic and research community

RedIRIS has over 500 active distribution lists with some 120.000 subscribers and stands as a benchmark in the field of scientific collaboration in the Spanish-speaking world.

RedIRIS also uses this platform to provide value-added services such as: OFER-TRABEC (distribution of job vacancies, scholarships and research projects) and DISEVEN (distribution of information on academic and scientific events).

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