Security Events at RedIRIS

The RedIRIS security team, IRIS-CERT, offers a series of security services principally aimed at RedIRIS' institutions and also participates in experimental activities, tests of possible future services and represents RedIRIS en various R&D projects.

IRIS-CERT also holds events and meetings for various groups to try to promote security collaboration and coordination and the adoption of new technologies.

IRIS-CERT organizes an Annual Security Forum that deals with a particular security topic that can help our constituents to improve their local security and the adoption and/or improvement of security technologies.
The attendance to the RedIRIS Security Forums is restricted to the security representatives in the scientific community and national universities. Each Forum is hosted by a RedIRIS' institution.

On the other hand, RedIRIS organises various events for representatives of its more than 350 affiliated institutions. IRIS-CERT contributes in these events by providing security presentations and coordination discussions to share experiences in security within the RedIRIS community. Specifically, there are security related slots in the ASTiris (Coordination Working Group for applications and services at RedIRIS) twice a year: in the RedIRIS Technical conferences and in the Work groups.

IRIS-CERT also organizes additional security training courses and workshops for its constituency. More information about courses and other events organized by RedIRIS.