More than 170 people took part in the 29th RedIRIS Working Groups meeting

On 14 and 15 June, Salamanca University┬┤s Fonseca Hostel hosted the 29th meeting of Working Groups of RedIRIS, the Spanish academic and research network. At this meeting, organised in collaboration with Salamanca University, more than 170 heads of computer and network services from the universities and research centres that form part of RedIRIS gathered together to share information and experiences.

During the two day meeting, there were parallel sessions in which speakers read papers on a number of subjects, such as identity services, connectivity, security, quality emails services, e-Administration, movility services and multimedia services.

Apart from the traditional training sessions, there were also discussion sessions to encourage active participation and debate among the attendees. As in previous meetings, there was also a parallel meeting between RedIRIS and the heads of the regional academic and research networks.

The RedIRIS Working Groups meetings are held twice a year in different cities and in collaboration with different affiliated institutions. This arrangement enables participants to learn more about the situation of these organisations and to improve their contacts within the RedIRIS community, as well as encouraging collaboration between the different affiliated institutions.