RedIRIS will actively participate in the TERENA Networking Conference 2010

RedIRIS will take part in the TERENA Networking Conference (TNC), the annual conference of TERENA, the Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association, which, in tandem with the TERENA General Assembly, will be held from 30 May to 4 June in the Lithuanian city of Vilnius. This year LITNET (the Lithuanian academic and research network) is in charge of organising the event and it will be attended by hundreds of experts, including representatives of academic networks from all parts of Europe and heads of ICT from international universities and research centres.
RedIRIS will actively participate in this event. Alberto Pérez, Assistant Director of RedIRIS, will chair the GÉANT discussion panel “All for one and one for all”, and will represent RedIRIS in the TENERA General Assembly together with Tomás de Miguel, the Director of RedIRIS. Esther Robles, the coordinator of the web area of RedIRIS, will give a talk on the RedIRIS-NOVA project; and Jaime Pérez, a RedIRIS middleware technician, will take part in the “Federation Technologies” session where several issues associated with federated digital identity management systems will be discussed.
Apart from the sessions included in the official programme, meetings will also be held on different issues. RedIRIS will also participate in these meetings through the people mentioned above, in addition to Diego López, coordinator of the middleware and applications area of RedIRIS, and Ajay Daryanani, Miguel Ángel Sotos and Cristina Lorenzo, middleware, web and external relations experts, respectively.
Various plenary sessions will be held over the four days of the conference, in which experts will take part. These will include, among others, Janne Kanner, president of TERENA; Hannes Lubich, professor at the University of Applied Sciences of Northwestern Switzerland who will talk about the impact of social networks; Clifford Lynch, assistant professor in the School of Information at the University of Berkeley, California, who will address the evolution of knowledge in academic communication; Ingrid Melve, head of applications and middleware of the Norwegian academic network UNINETT; and Helmut Sverenyák, Director of R&D and Head of the Department of Research and development of the Czech academic network CESNET.
In addition to plenary conferences, several sessions will be held to address different ICT-related issues and the latest advances in research networks, the challenges of the Grid infrastructure in Europe, papers on e-Learning, security issues, and discussions on the issues surrounding so-called “Green technology”: proposals to solve problems that may arise with increasing energy consumption in data centres.
Apart from the sessions, there will also be demonstrations at the Conference, an area will be equipped for presenting posters, and several sponsor companies will exhibit their products at stands.
The previous edition of the TERENA Networking Conference was organised with the cooperation of RedIRIS. The Conference was held in the Faculty of Law at the University of Malaga and it attracted over 450 experts, including representatives from academic networks throughout Europe and heads of ICT from national and international universities and research centres.
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