RedIRIS Identity Service


eduGAIN is a G√ČANT service, that creates a paneuropean identity confederation for the research and education environment.

eduGAIN aggregates metadata from participating federations in a secure way, enabling the exchange of identity and authorization data between entities from these federations. The participation scope is at federation level, while endpoints must belong to a federation in order to use eduGAIN; RedIRIS participates through its SIR Identity Service.

The inclusion of SIR in eduGAIN is defined in the following resources:

How to participate

If you want your (Identity or Service) provider to join eduGAIN, it must:

  • Be a participant in SIR
  • The designated responsible of the provider must send an email to , with the entityID of the provider
  • Upon approval, the responsible for the provider will be contacted to finish the opt-in process