Description of the XIFI Project

 Project funded by the 7th EU R&D Framework Programme (subsidy agreement number 604590)




Start date:



Expected end date:




24 months


Total budget:

 €16,5 million (European funding: €12 million)



22 members, including several from the FI-WARE project (Telecom Italia, project coordinator; Telefonica, Orange, Deutsche Telekom, Atos, UPM, etc.) and other new members, including other academic networks (DANTE, HeaNET). The I2CAT Foundation is collaborating in the project as a RedIRIS third party.



Architecture, requirements and specifications (WP1), integration and federation (WP2), infrastructure adapters (WP3), services and tools (WP4), deployment, operation and maintenance of nodes (WP5), use cases (WP6), training and knowledge transfer (WP7), impact on society and business (Wp8), promoting federation and dissemination (WP9), exploitation and standardisation (WP10) and project management (WP11).


Participation of RedIRIS in XIFI:

RedIRIS contributes to the project in activities relating to architecture and infrastructure requirements (WP1), the integration of infrastructures (WP2), exploitation and standardisation (WP10), and particularly in the deployment, operation and maintenance of one of the main nodes of the infrastructure (WP5), supported by the deployments of FI-WARE (specifically, FIWAT, the FI-WARE Testbed launched with the collaboration of the city councils and universities of Malaga, Seville and Santander).