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Sectigo Certificate Manager Release 22.1 Scheduled Maintenance for Saturday, January 29, 2022 at 10:00 UTC


GÉANT nos ha enviado la siguiente comunicación relacionada con la actualización del SCM:

Scheduled Maintenance Reminder

Title: Sectigo Certificate Manager Release 22.1 Scheduled Maintenance for Saturday, January 29, 2022 at 10:00 UTC

Planned Start: January 29, 2022 10:00AM UTC
Expected End: January 29, 2022 4:00PM UTC

Affected Infrastructure
Components: Issuing Platforms, Management Platforms
Locations: Public CA, SCM (cert-manager.com), SCM (hard.cert-manager.com), Private CA


SCM 22.1 release is Jan 29 at 10 UTC for 6 hours.

The SCM 22.1 release includes the following enhancements and fixes:

  • Added support for EAB (External Account Binding) credentials reuse. Individual ACME clients can be viewed and deactivated. (SCM-4868)
  • Added accessibility features powered by EqualWeb to allow people with disabilities to use Sectigo Certificate Manager. (SCM-4860)
  • Added ability to view audits for specific objects; certificates, admins, organizations, domains, certificate profiles, persons and enrollment endpoints. (SCM-4869)
  • Auto-renewal on the SSL certificate self-enrollment forms will be disabled if not allowed in the certificate profile. (SCM-3761)
  • The certificate viewer now contains a new section called “Certificate Request” which contains data provided in a request (either in the CSR or externally). (SCM-4816)
  • For Device certificate enrollment, rfc822Names will now be extracted from the CSR’s Subject Alternative Name extension and passed to the Certification Authority. (SCM-4968)
  • New “Network Agent Disconnected” email notification added which is sent if the Network Agent is offline. (SCM-3463)
  • Added REST API function for sending invitation for a client certificate enrollment to a user. (SCM-2659)
  • Added REST API function for fetching device certificate details. (SCM-3833)
  • Added “format” request parameter to the SSL, client and device certificate collection REST API functions which controls the format of collected certificate. (SCM-3268)
  • Optimization of REST API call handling to process multi-domain certificate requests faster. (SCM-3417)
  • Improved error handling for domain control validation and SSL certificate update REST API functions. (SCM-4832/SCM-1840)
  • Removing and restoring a server in the Network Agent configuration will no longer break auto-installation to affected nodes. (SCM-4901)
  • Support for integration with SOTI MobiControl MDM in the MS Agent. (SCM-4904)
  • Redesigned Person editor to improve ability to view/control enrollment invitations. (SCM-5066)
  • Auto-renew setting enabled in a certificate profile was not honored for certificates enrolled via API – it could not be switched in the certificate viewer. (SCM-5027)
  • “Expiring Certificates” report on the Dashboard did not show certificate’s common name. (SCM-5018)
  • Filtering SSL certificates by SHA1 Hash or MD5 Hash caused an error. (SCM-4998)
  • Administrator could not be created if the entered email address contained capital letters. (SCM-4931)
  • ACME-enrolled certificates were not shown if synchronization with the ACME server was not successfully completed. (SCM-4892)
  • The certificate viewer's Certificate section was missing the MD5 Hash and SHA1 Hash. (SCM-4798)
  • A deactivated administrator kept being sent DCV expiration notifications. (SCM-4581)