Nueva versión del portal SCM de Sectigo

SCM 20.4

GÉANT nos avisa del cambio de versión del portal SCM el día 18 de abril de 2020.

These changes will be implemented on 18 April and then following that some of our other requirements will be fulfilled, including correcting the IGFT profiles configuration, SAML implementation for client certificates, and eliminating State from the required certificate components. We had a call with Sectigo yesterday and they assured that all of those will be in place by 22 April.

Sectigo Certificate Manager release 20.4 Scheduled Maintenance for Saturday, April 18, 2020, 8:00 AM UTC

The SCM 20.4 release includes the following enhancements and fixes:

  • (SCM-112) - New privilege to allow RAO Administrators to solely approve the domain delegation within their organization(s).
  • (SCM-1594) - New filter option for filtering certificates by requested date.
  • (SCM-1584) - New REST API request parameter for getting certificate types by organization ID.
  • (SCM-1583) - New REST API response fields in SSL certificate report for certificate type ID and organization ID.
  • (SCM-271) - Setting a password for a new Administrator is now optional if the authentication through Identity Provider is enabled and configured.
  • (SCM-1607/SCM-1639/SCM-1490/SCM-1655) - The current organization/department details are now used during the renewal of SSL certificates.
  • (SCM-1696)- Download links in the 'Device Certificate Enrolled' email template mapped to incorrect download format.
  • (SCM-1835) - Special characters in the name and surname received from Identity Provider being altered.
  • (SCM-1797) - Renewal of SSL certificates for a department might fail if the parent organization changed some address fields and revalidated.
  • (SCM-1756) - The Windows service executable for the Network Agent not digitally signed for versions 2.18 and 2.19.