Eliminación de los campos stateOrProvinceName y postalCode en los nuevos certificados emitidos


Ante la siguiente consulta de la NREN holandesa relacionada con la desparación de algún campo en los nuevos certificados que han sido emitidos:

Dear Support,

a few TCS Subscribers noted that the stateOrProvinceName certificate field is
no longer present in recently generated certificates. I am more or less aware
of a set of certificates that existed with wrong combinations of localityName
and stateOrProvinceName. I understood that none were issued in the TCS
community and that all of them issued elsewhere have been revoked.

Of course I know that all fields that are present in a certificate need to be
vetted. I have read CA-Browser-Forum-BR-1.4.5-redlined.pdf, Subject
Distinguished Name Fields, paragraphs e and f on page 42.

My question is if stateOrProvinceName will from now on no longer be present in
any new certificates issued using the TCS certificate end-entity profiles?

DigiCert ha respondido indicando que los campos stateOrProvinceName y postalCode han sido eliminados de la plantilla que usan para firmar los certificados.

Thank you for the inquiry!

The State and Postal Code fields have been removed from
the template for issuing certificates.  If there is an application that
requires the fields to be present, we can enable this at the users request :).
Please let us know if we can help you any further.

DigiCert Support

Si alguien los necesita tendrá que solicitarlo expresamente a support@digicert.com