PGP Key Removal

In order to remove a PGP key from the public key server you need a key revocation certificate. This is so that no one can remove other people's keys.

Once you submit the certificate, the key will be marked as revoked. It won't be physically removed from the server, so no one can send a fake key with your old user id.

Choose an option:

  • You have a key revocation certificate.
    Paste it in the form below and press the 'submit' button. As an alternative you can send it by email to, with a subject of 'add'.

    If you are using gpg you need to do the following steps:

    1. Make a revocation certificate if you don't have one
      gpg --gen-revoke -armor keyid -o mi-revocacion.asc
    2. Import the certificate on gpg:
      gpg --import mi-revocacion.asc
    3. Send the revocation to the keyserver
      gpg --keyserver -send-keys mikeyid
    This steps are needed because our current keyserver don't suppor the format used by gpg to store the revocation certificates without the keys

  • You haven't, but you still have the key you intend to revoke.
    Generate the certificate. You'll need access to your private key as well as the passphrase to unlock it. Send the certificate as specified above.
  • You haven't a certificate, and you have lost the key or forgotten its passphrase.
    In this case the key cannot be removed from the server. Due to the fact that you don't have access to your private key, this one could be property of any other person. We do not have proofs about both your identity and your rights on the early mentioned key.