PGP public key server

Original web form in which this page is based: Brian A. LaMacchia.
Public key server software: Marc Horowitz, ( MIT Student Information Board)

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  • Search the server for keys

    The database is indexed by words. For example, if a key's user id is Pepito Perez <>, that key will be indexed under the words 'Pepito', 'Perez', 'pepitop', 'rediris' and 'es'. As far as searching is concerned that key is equivalent to Pepito Rediris <>, unless you specify an exact query.

    You can also specify a hexadecimal KeyID such as 0x1234ABCD. That implies an exact query.

    Search string:
    List only key owners.
    Include key certifiers too.
    Show digital fingerprints.
    Exact query.

  • Submit a key to the server

    IMPORTANT WARNING: Keep in mind that once you send a key to a server, it will be distributed all around the world in a short period of time, consecuently please think twice before doing this action.

    The only way of removing a public key from the server is to send a key revocation certificate, which in turn requires access to your secret key.

    Click here if you want to generate that certificate now. That may save you trouble in the future, in case you lose your secret key and/or forget its passphrase.

    Paste ASCII PGP public key here:

  • Removing a key from the key server