I'm not a RedIRIS institution. How it affects me IRISRBL Service?

My e-mail is being blocked. What should I do?

Institutions of the RedIRIS Community use the IRISRBL Service to reject e-mail connections from servers with IPs included in the IRISRBL zones. RedIRIS manages this service, which will enable users to exclude IPs by request to the RedIRIS IP exclusion service. Exclusion of an IRISRBL IP address can be performed by the managers of each institution. If you wish to exclude an IP through RedIRIS you can do so via the Contact Form indicating the error message you received and the IP that is being blocked.

If you have sent an e-mail to an organisation of the Academic Community and receive a report such as the following:

550 Service unavailable; IP has been blocked using RedIRIS Reputation Service (IRISRBL). You have to send an email to postmaster@your-institution.es.+info http://www.rediris.es/irisrbl/dnsbl.html

this means that your e-mail has been temporarily blocked by the RedIRIS IRISRBL Service. Do not worry. The problem can be quickly resolved if you follow the instructions. If you continue to have problems, complete the Contact Form indicating the error message you received and the IP that is being blocked.


  • What should I do?

    The only thing you have to do is to send an e-mail to the postmaster of the domain to which you sent the e-mail that was blocked, i.e. postmaster@domain. For example, if you sent an e-mail to sr.usuario@uam.es and it is blocked with an error message as shown above, you should send an e-mail to postmaster@uam.es.

    Another option is to forward the error report that you received to postmaster@dominio. In any case, get in touch with the postmaster as quickly as possible.

  • What should I send?

    • The IP that is being blocked.
    • The address of the sender and of the receiver.

    Remember: RedIRIS only accepts responsibility for the use of IPs included in the IRISRBL Service. Complaints about other reputation lists will not be entertained. Each organisation is free to adopt their own decision and action on domains and IPs from which it does not wish to accept e-mails.

  • What should I do to avoid being blocked again?

    If you are responsible for an e-mail server the IP of which has been blocked and you wish to prevent it from happening again in the future, follow these steps:

    • Define an inverse resolution of your IP.
    • Define SPF records for your domain.
    • Define an address for your abuse@sudominio.com domain.
    • Apply for registration in the RedIris Whitelist.

The IP addresses included in any of the zones of the RedIRIS ListaBlanca (Whitelist) are automatically excluded from the IRISRBL Service zones. This ListaBlanca is also used by other Spanish providers.