ACE: Abuso en el Correo Electrónico
ARTIX:ARTeria Iris X.25
ASCII:American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ATI: Asociación de Técnicos de Informática
ATM:Asynchronous Transfer Mode
bps:bits por segundo
CCITT:Comite Consultatif Internationale de Telegraphique et Telephonique (hoy ITU-T)
CERT:Computer Emergency Response Team
CGIV: Centro de Gestión InfoVía
CICYT:Comisión Interministerial de Ciencia y Tecnología
CIR:Committed Information Rate (Frame Relay)
CLNP:ConnectionLess Network Protocol (OSI)
CLNS:ConnectionLess Network Service (OSI)
CNFS: Cyclic News File System
CPI: Centro Proveedor de Información InfoVía
CSIC:Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas
CVU: Comunidad Virtual de Usuarios
DANTE:Delivery of Advanced NetworkTechnology to Europe Ltd.
DAP: Directory Access Protocol
DISEVEN: DIStribución de EVENtos
DNS:Domain Name System
DSA:Directory Service Agent (OSI/X.500)
DSP: Directory System Protocol
ENPG:European Networking Policy Group
ES-NIC:ESpaña Network Information Center
(Registro Delegado de Internet en España)
ESPANIX:ESPAña Neutral Internet eXchange
ETSI:European Telecommunications Standards Institute
EuroCAIRN:European Cooperation for Academic and Industrial Research Networking
EuroCERT: European Computer Emergency ResponseTeam
FIRST:Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams
FTP: File Transfer Protocol
HTML:HyperText Markup Language
HTTP:HyperText Transfer Protocol
IANA:Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
IDC: Internet Directory Consortium
IEEE:Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IETF:Internet Engineering Task Force
IGMP: Internet Group Management Protocol
INN: InterNet News
InterNIC:INTERnet Network Information Center
IP:Internet Protocol
IPng:IP Next Generation
IRC: Internet Relay Chat
ISDN:Integrated Services Digital Network
ISO:International Organization for Standardization
ISOC:Internet SOCiety
ITU:International Telecommunications Union
LDAP: Ligthweight Directory Access Protocol
MBone:Multicast backBONE
MHS:Message Handling System
MIME:Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extensions
mrouter:Multicast ROUTER
MTA:Message Transfer Agent (OSI/X.400)
MX Record: Mail eXchange Record
NNTP:Network News Transfer Protocol
NOC:Network Operations Center
NSAP:Network Service Access Point (OSI)
PCA: Policy Certification Authority
PEM:Privacy Enhanced Mail
PER:Persona de Enlace con RedIRIS
PGP:Pretty Good Privacy
POP:Post Office Protocol
PPP: Point to Point Protocol
QUANTUM:QUAlity Network Technology for User-oriented Multi-media
RDSI: Red Digital de Servicios Integrados
RedIRIS:Red de Interconexión de Recursos InformáticoS
RFC:Request For Comments
RIPE:Résseaux IP Européens
RTB/RTC: Red Telefónica Básica/Red Telefónica Conmutada
SIDERAL:Servicio de Interconexión DE Redes de Área Local
SIRCE:Security Incident Response Coordination for Europe
SLIP: Serial Link Interfase Protocol
SMTP:Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SNMP:Simple Network Management Protocol
TCP:Transmission Control Protocol
TERENA:Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association
TF:Task Force of TERENA
TF-TEN:Trans-European Networking Task Force of TERENA
TF-CHIC:Co-operative Hierarchical Indexing Co-ordination Task Force of TERENA
TEN-34:Trans-European Network Interconnect at 34 Mbps.
URN: Uniform Resource Name
WAIS:Wide Area Information Servers
WWW: World Wide Web

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