Autolist, a new distribution list service from RedIRIS for affiliated institutions

The institutions themselves can offer the service directly to their users

AutoList is a new service that RedIRIS is offering its affiliated institutions for creating and managing discussion and advertising distribution lists and for distributing electronic magazines.

It is a free service, similar to the RedIRIS LISTSERV list service - which has been available for over twenty years - and offers affiliated institutions the advantage of providing their own list service directly to their users and with their own domain. This opens the possibility of creating and managing email lists via LISTSERV. Institutions may also opt for this process if they already have distribution lists incorporated into their own software, as the lists can be easily transferred to the AutoList service.

Main characteristics of the service:

  • Creation of email distribution lists, with the institution's own domain
  • Reduction in the institution's resources by using Autolist
  • Control panels available for PER, the list administrator and subscriber
  • Free service for affiliated institutions, as opposed to payment solutions, with advertisements or that involve inappropriate processing of the exchanged information
  • Facilities for transferring local lists
  •  Conversion of attachments into website links

If an institution is interested in providing this service, the RedIRIS liaison person (PER) should request it via the RedIRIS identity federation service (SIR). This identity service will also be used to request new distribution lists on behalf of the users of the affiliated institution.

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