ABUSES Forum on Internet security and abuse

On 5 and 6 May, the 8th ABUSES Forum takes place at the Universidad Complutense (UCM) Data Processing Centre in Madrid.

The ABUSES Forum meetings, held twice yearly, aim to provide a space for co-ordination and exchange of experiences among the Spanish ISP technicians who manage or are interested in resolving Internet security and abuse.

The purpose of these ABUSES Forum meetings is to improve confidence among Spanish ISPs through participatory sessions in which experiences are exchanged, conclusions are reached and actions are launched. The ABUSES Forum has a variety of initiatives currently in progress (ISP contacts data base, white list for reputable e-mail relays, spamtrap networks, IRC and SPF bots, etc.). Additionally, "Best Practices" documents are also being drawn up.

For more information: http://www.abuses.es