Registration is open for EuroCAMP

This event will take place in Cork (Ireland)

The original aim of EuroCAMP was to develop middleware awareness at grassroots level, and to present some of the various identity management and authentication mechanisms available.

This EuroCAMP will get back to those roots, in a similar vein to the event in Athens last year, providing training and insight into the use and configuration of directory services, how to use schemas and how to ease the installation of authentication and authorisation software. It will also present simpleSAMLPhp and show how it can be integrated with existing applications to enable federated access.

The workshop programme will include step-by-step guidance to the installation and implementation of middleware components and will therefore be most suited to people with a technical background.


This EuroCAMP event will be a more basic event, mainly aimed to those operating directories and identity management (IdM) systems within campuses, but is equally open to anyone who wishes to attend. The event will address the following topics:

  • Directories and how to populate them;
  • How to allow applications to use directories;
  • Why moving from LDAP based organisation database to an IdM system;
  • Single Sign On and authentication inside and outside campuses (CAS, simpleSAMLphp, shibboleth etc and how to use them);

Some case studies will also be presented to show practical implementation of what was presented.

Registration is open. More information can be found on the web page, including information how to get there, accommodation suggestions and,
of course, the programme: