The USC joins the RedIRIS SIR

The University of Santiago (USC) has recently joined the RedIRIS Identity Service (SIR) as an identity provider. This gives USC users the possibility of using their university identification to access the services offered by the providers, both national and international, that form part of the RedIRIS platform.

From among the aforementioned services, apart from access to bibliographic resources, members of the USC will be able to access different applications such as DreamSpark or OpenID identification, among others. The former is a program that allows students to download software free of charge. On the other hand, OpenID identification will enable access to websites that accept this validation system, using URLs with or format as an identity.

In the future, in addition to providing identity, the USC itself will be able to act as a service provider, meaning that users of other SIR member institutions will be able to access the USC's services without having to create specific user accounts.