VRVS system version 3.0

The VRVS videoconferencing system has replaced version 2.5.

Some of the new features of this version are:

  • RedIRIS has become the first community within the VRVS system that has private Virtual Rooms and that is managed under an independent topology of reflectors. This new topology (with a single reflector for the moment) is totally independent of the general topology of the VRVS system (called "Universe"). This means that our community (and the system in general) can easily grow with more rooms and more reflectors. Currently, the RedIRIS community has 10 rooms (one for testing and 9 under the general booking system procedures), but this number could be increased up to 100 as necessary. The original reflector at RedIRIS continues operative under the "Universe" topology, supporting the conferences held in any other VRVS room.
  • New reflectors include improvements in the connection of H.323 clients, in video switching, they are now able to transmit video in H.263, and able to improve the quality of the video under packet loss conditions.
  • VRVS 3.0 supports NAT and facilitates the configuration of firewalls. A single port is used to transmit information among reflectors.
  • VRVS 3.0 supports Macintosh.
  • It includes an enhanced system management and offers the possibility of using different clients at the user's equipment.
  • Complete re-coding: This version has been practically built from scratch.
  • Work ongoing in the production of documentation in different languages (Spanish is among them).


Other communities in VRVS are: Universe, Internet2, AccessGrid, ThinkQuest, FUSION and STAR. Once the VRVS software has been installed, it requests the users to choose their default community. Room booking and access use a simple form allowing to make meetings in different communities without any change to the configuration. A user can only book rooms at the community to which he belongs (selected when their registration in VRVS) and at the general community "Universe". Conversely, a user can access and connect to any Virtual Room at any community.