Mailing lists related to security

  • The language of the lists is English unless otherwise specified.
  • To subscribe, send a message to the address included below, with the following body:
    	subscribe <list> [<subscriber's namegt;]
    For example, if the reference is:
    	Name		Adress
    the message for subscribing must be addressed to
    and must contain the following text (in a single line):
    	subscribe cert-es Bart Simpson
    or just
    	subscribe cert-es
  • If the description defines another system for subscription, follow the instructions included there. If the address has a structure like *-request, probably is not an automatic listserver but a person who will attend your request.

  • Links:
    • Clicking on the address of a list you will send a message for subscribing.
    • Clicking on the name of a list you will access to the list archives or to the available information about the list.
    • Clicking on the nanes of organizationes or products you will access their Web sites.

Lists in Spanish
RedIRIS coordination lists Generic lists
sec-linux Security warnings for Linux
unix-l Intended for sysadmins and users of UNIX boxes
bugtraq-es Also available in digest mode. Analysis of vulnerabilities and security holes: how to exploit them and how to correct them.
Warnings generated by incident response teams
cert-advisory Advisories from CERT/CC on vulnerabilities and incident statistics.
ciac-bulletin Warning lists (bulletin) and documents (notes) from CIAC. The mesage for subscribing must have the form: subscribe <list> family name, first name, phone number
request-alert A moderated list on product updates and vulnerabilities collected by ISS.
Lists of hard/soft manufacturers about security problems and their solutions
cws Sun Microsystems
security_info HP, Hewlett Packard
security IBM
Lists on security in general
secnews News and events collected by ISS
sectech Security technologies, software releases, etc. collected by ISS
bugtraq Detailed analysis of security holes, how to exploit them, and how to prevent them.
coast-request Purdue's COAST Security Archive
8lgm (Eight Little Green Men) A group of hackers that periodically send exploits for Unix bugs.
linux-sec-uk Discussion of linux security with a UK bias
Lists on firewalls
academic-firewalls Mantained by the Texas A&M University, and specialized in the academic environment.
euro firewalls and Euro Firewalls
firewalls Information on firewalls and secure implementation for them.
Lists on specific products
firewall-1 Characteristics of Firewall-1. Problems and solutions.
linux-security Relevant information on security for Linux users.
linux-alert Linux security holes and how to fix them.
tiger On the TIGER audit tool.
fwall-users TIS Firewall Toolkit.
skey-users Bellcore S/Key.
Computer Forensics
forensics LISTSERV@SECURITYFOCUS.COM Metodologies, tools and techniques for post-mortem analysis.
virus-l About viruses
valert-l Urgent virus alerts
openssl-users The OpenSSL project