Sectigo Certificate Manager 23.8

Sectigo nos envía los próximos cambios en la versión SCM 23.8:

Sectigo Certificate Manager (SCM) 23.8 will be deployed on Saturday August 19th starting at 8:00 AM UTC. Outage is for 6 hours.

Planned Start: August 19, 2023 8:00AM UTC
Expected End: August 19, 2023 2:00PM UTC

Affected Infrastructure

Components: Certificate Issuing Platforms, Certificate Lifecycle Management Platforms
Locations: Public CA, SCM (, SCM (, Private CA


The SCM 23.8 release includes the following enhancements and fixes:

  • Introduction of new public S/MIME certificate templates for issuing certificates compliant with new CA/B Forum Baseline Requirements. (SCM-8040)
  • Organization validation has been improved to cover requirements for issuing public S/MIME certificates. (SCM-8041)
  • Download of PKCS#12 formatted certificates/keys from Sectigo Key Vault or Key Escrow now supports stronger encryption formats. (SCM-6949)
  • New quick search box for certificate profiles, network agents, MS agents, CA connectors and auto installation nodes. (SCM-7886)
  • New filtering options for network agents, MS agents, CA connectors, domains and auto installation nodes. (SCM-7250/SCM-6738)
  • REST API now allows creation/management of notifications. (SCM-6972)
  • The selected page size for certificate and most table views is now remembered. (SCM-6549)
  • New "Discover Target Servers" button to manually force discovery of nodes on network agents. (SCM-7293)
  • The content of DCV report might contain HTML content. (SCM-8178)
  • SSL renewal with auto-installation were failing. (SCM-8088)
  • Download of the client certificate via REST API erroneously triggered sending of ‘successfully enrolled’ email notification. (SCM-8065)
  • Publicly-trusted SSL certificate profile could not be associated with the endpoint account under ACME Universal CA backend. (SCM-7973)
  • SSL certificate for Azure Key Vault could not be renewed. (SCM-7970)
  • Admin report contained unaligned columns. (SCM-7937)
  • SSL reports fetched via REST API did not contain custom fields. (SCM-7904)
  • MS agent in a cluster mode could not execute discovery task. (SCM-7893)
  • The status of Universal ACME client was missing if associated with publicly-trusted certificate profile. (SCM-7774)
  • Error occurred during scheduling of auto-installation. (SCM-7637)