Sectigo Certificate Manager 23.6

Sectigo muestra un aviso de los próximos cambios en la versión SCM 23.6:


Welcome to Sectigo Certificate Manager 23.6

This release adds the following new features and improvements.

  • Added quick search field for certificates.
  • Redesigned filter panel to improve usability and provide advanced operators.
  • New unified design of certificate request approvals for SSL and device certificates. The control of approvals can now be done by a new “Requires approval” setting on the certificate profile. This removes the mandatory manual approval for EV certificates, allowing it to be disabled in the certificate profile when required for automation.
  • New setting to require MRAO adminstrators to approve all domain delegations.
  • Ability to scan Digicert and Entrust backends for certificates to consider bringing under management.
  • New Discovery Import REST API to support external scanners directly integrating with Discovery architecture.
  • Various small UI improvements.

See our Releases Notes for complete list of new features, enhancements, and fixed defects.