Sectigo Certificate Manager 23.2

Sectigo muestra un aviso de los próximos cambios en la versión SCM 23.2:


Welcome to Sectigo Certificate Manager 23.2

This release adds the following new features and improvements.

  • The SSL certificate auto-installation process has been significantly improved and now supports detailed status updates and audits. The Auto-Installation section on the Management tab of the SSL certificate viewer now shows all the configured server nodes the certificate will be installed to along with status of the operation, server and network agent.
  • Certificate Discovery has undergone a significant change for this release aiming to improve performance, user experience and enable new features in the future. All discovery tasks will now store results in a bucket that allows simpler management. Certificates in a bucket can be managed individually or via automatic assignment rules, previously attached to the individual discovery tasks.
  • The Network Assets page has been removed. See release notes for more details.
  • The Nework Agent installation packages are now static and downloadable separate from the installation token required to connect an agent to Sectigo Certificate Manager. These new packages are served from
  • The Discovery and Private Key sections in the Management tab of the certificate viewer are merged into the Locations section introduced in SCM 22.12 for ACME clients. The Locations section lists all known locations for the certificate.
  • Various small UI improvements.

See our Releases Notes for complete list of new features, enhancements, and fixed defects.