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TCS Webinar: Sectigo Integrations

GÉANT nos ha enviado la siguiente información sobre un seminario web que Sectigo va a dar el próximo 24 de junio.

As we have had many ad hoc enquiries about features offered by Sectigo that are not part of the TCS contract, I have asked Sectigo to run a webinar to present these options to the community. This event will take place online on 24th June 2022 from 15:00 CEST - 16:00 CEST.

As part of its Cert Manager platform, Sectigo offers a range of additional integrations that are not currently part of the TCS offer - such as AzureKey Vault and Hashi Corp Vault Module. In this webinar, the Sectigo team will present the additional options that could be available to the TCS community. After this, GÉANT will carry out a consultation to see if there is any interest in the community to include any of these potential integrations in the TCS contract. Please attend so that we can get a good sense of what additional features are needed by the community.

You can sign up at: https://events.geant.org/event/1224/.

Please feel free to share widely with your customers.