Portales de TCS-g4 (Sectigo)
SCM portal
(certificados servidor, código, documentos)

SAML portal
(certificados personales)

Sectigo Certificate Revocation Portal

Alta en el servicio
Acceso a los portales de DigiCert para realizar consultas y revocaciones:

CertCentral portal
(certificados servidor, código, documentos)

Novedades de SCM versión 22.4


Welcome to Sectigo Certificate Manager 22.4

This release adds the following new features and improvements.

  • Audit events for certificates, administrators, organizations, domains, certificate profiles, persons and enrollment endpoints are now directly accessible via the View Audit button.
  • Approved but not issued SSL certificates from the Sectigo Public CA backend can now be cancelled even if they are in the Applied state.
  • Redesigned Network and MS Agent editors to improve usability.
  • EST enrollment endpoints now support certificate authentication and renewal operations.
  • CAs page replacing the Private CAs page since it now includes CAs from the Sectigo Public CA backend.
  • Reintroduce resizable columns in tables along with a shorter row height to improve usability.

See our Releases Notes for complete list of new features, enhancements, and fixed defects.