Parada de mantenimiento de DigiCert


Desde GEANT nos han informado de la siguiente parada de mantenimiento prevista por DigiCert:

Mensaje original

Dear all,

I got a message from the DigiCert account manager informing us that DigiCert needs to hold a maintenance window on Nov 3rd from 2am-5am MST. This is for a firewall upgrade to our Lindon data center and should take under 60 seconds.

* Downtime will affect most services, but should be minimal (i.e., systems will experience minimum downtime), and normal operations will resume once maintenance is completed.

* The following services are affected by this maintenance window:

	- Validation and issuance systems
	- CertCentral platform (console and API)
	- DigiCert Services API

* Make sure high priority and urgent orders, renewals, and reissuances are handled outside this scheduled maintenance window.