Cambios en CertCentral y mapeos SAML


Nos informan desde GÉANT que algunas organizaciones, no españolas, han tenido problemas con SAML Portal debido a una mala configuración del mapeo SAML de su organización.

Para evitar problemas debido a cambios introducidos accidentalmente por las instituciones, han decidido que la capacidad de añadir y cambiar información relacionada con la configuración SAML solo sea permitida a las NRENs y a GÉANT.

Así que a partir de mañana, si necesitáis realizar un cambio en vuestra configuración SAML tendréis que solicitarlo a RedIRIS.

Mensaje original

Dear all,
For the past few months, we have been working together with DigiCert to solve some ongoing issues related to SAML configuration.
It is important that the ability to add and change information related to the SAML configuration is only editable by NRENs and GÉANT as the service is being impacted by changes accidentally introduced by individual organisations. To support this, DigiCert will remove the ability to edit SAML configurations from institutions within the portal.
Following that, tomorrow they will roll out an update, after which all independently configured IdPs will be removed. Any organisation that has configured their mappings to point to the eduGAIN meta-data aggregate should be unaffected. However, those that has mapped against their own independently configured IdP will need to update their mappings and configuration. 
We believe that this update will not affect the vast majority of our users and as a result will improve the process for everyone.
The update will be rolled out at 16:00 CEST (tomorrow, 30 April). We have a couple of TCS members ready to test as soon as the update is done. However, if you are able to test this tomorrow as well and confirm whether the log in process works as it should, please send me a message. 
Please feel free to forward this message to your members. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. 
Best regards,