DigiCert User Guide version 9.6

Here is the latest version of the DigiCert User Guide v9.6.

Version 9.6 Changes:

CertCentral (GÉANT) Change Log Summary - https://www.digicert.com/certcentral-support/geant-change-log-summary.htm

We added a new feature that allows you to reissue Document Signing certificates [Document Signing – Organization (2000) and Document Signing – Organization (5000)].

Note: Previously, you couldn't reissue a Document Signing certificate. The only workaround was to revoke and replace your Document Signing certificate.

Now, you can go to Orders page (in the sidebar menu, click Certificates > Orders), find your Document Signing certificate, and on its Order # details page, reissue your certificate as needed.

Updated Instructions in DigiCert User Guide version 9.6

  • 11.12.30 How to Reissue a Document Signing Certificate