DigiCert User Guide version 9.0

Here is the latest version of the DigiCert User Guide v9.0.

Version 9.0 Changes to Note:

CertCentral (GÉANT) Change Log Summary

We added a Skip Approval Step feature that lets you remove the approval step from your SSL, Code Signing, and Document Signing certificate order processes.

Note: Admin approvals are still required for certificate revocations, Guest URL certificate requests, and Standard User certificate requests.

You can activate this feature on the Division Preferences page (Settings > Preferences). In the Certificate Request section (expand Advanced Settings), under Approval Steps, select Skip approval step and then click Save Settings.

Note: These orders don't require an approval, so they won't be listed on the Requests page (Certificates > Requests). Instead, these orders will only appear on the Orders page (Certificate > Orders).

New* and Updated Instructions in the DigiCert User Guide Version 9.0

  • *11.3 How to Remove the Approval Step from the Certificate Order Process
  • *11.4 How to Enable One Step Certificate Request Approvals
  • 2.2.2 How to Set Division Preferences