Service Providers Participating in SIR federation

Service providers are those applications or services with a restricted access that implement federation technologies such as those provided SIR.

Since the list of service providers available in SIR is already large, the SIR team has classified them in the following categories:

Externalized Services

Users in the participating institutions can use SIR to get access to externalized services, so these services can be seamlessly integrated within the institutional toolset.

Hardware and Software

There is a list of sites which allow users from institutions in SIR to purchase hardweare and download software under special conditions.

Library resources

There is a list of editors that manage digital library resources where, in most of cases, the user's institution must previously negotiate the access rights.

OpenID-based sites

Users in SIR are able to authenticate to any web application protected by OpenID.

Collaborative tools

There is a list containing collaborative tools, which make easier the work of communities.

RedIRIS tools

This is the list of tools available at the RedIRIS servers to ease the interactions with afiliated institutions.

Multimedia libraries

There is also a list of multimedia libraries available through the SIR service.