RedIRIS's PGP Tools

We have develop some small scripts and tools that use PGP(Gpg) for internal and external use. In this page you can find a brief description of them:

Programa DescripciĆ³n
PGP sign of HTML PAGES In order to autentificate the HTML pages of RedIRIS's web server, without using HTTPS to secure the communication, and using informaiton found in Internet, we developed a module for Webber , RedIRIS's web page generator, that allow the automatic signing of the generated web pages.
This signature format allow the verification of HTML web pages using directly PGP/GnuPG.
Patch for mimegpg from Courier Mail This is one of the utilities included with this web server, that allow the sign and encriptation of emails using GnuPG. This patch allow to sign using PGP/MIME (RFC 2015).
email Timestamping service This service allow the timestamping (check that some document or file exists) using email. It has been used , for example, to check and validate the receipt of documentation in some Forensic Challenges.
Encrypted mailing list Small "list server" , that allow the distribution of encripted mails and documents. The user encript the message to the list address and the "server" checks the signature and encriptation of the message before redistributing the messsage encripted to each member of the list.
PGP keysigning graph generator CGI that show the signatures between the keys that have signed a key, based on sig2dot
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