PGP Keyserver Synchronization Graph

The following graph shows the synchronization between established keyservers. When a user sends a PGP key to one of these servers, this server redistributes the key to all the keyservers to which it is synchronized. So in a short time, all the servers have an updated copy of the key.

The relationships are in only one way,from one keyserver to the other pointed by the arrow, if both server are synchronized (most frequently), the arrows are in both ways.

The Color code of the graph is as following:

  • Blue/cyan: PKS Keyserver
  • Red: NAI LDAP Keyserver
  • Green: SKS keyservers
  • Grey: Unknown, Keyserver that we know some about it, but their administrators haven't send us information about the keyserver to which they synchronize.

When new keysersver software will be ready we will assign new color codes to the servers.

grafico de sincronizacion

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If you are the a PGP Keyserver administrator and your server is not in the list you can send us an email with the following information:

  • Email of the administrator//help desk
  • Name of Keyserver (ej and other aliases names that this server use, (for example es is also know as
  • Description of the host (optional)
  • Keyserver Software that it is being used
  • Keyservers to which this keyserver send synchronization emails