RedIRIS launches the Lavadora service to reduce junk mail

The new unified antispam platform will be available for institutions affiliated to RedIRIS

RedIRIS, the Spanish academic and research network which provides advanced communication services to the national scientific and university community, has launched the new Lavadora service, based on Spamina cloud technology, to combat junk mail sent to its network and to provide a clean mail service.

This new antispam platform meets the requirements of the institutions affiliated to RedIRIS, and will result in an improvement in e-mail services within the RedIRIS community, as well as a significant reduction in costs.

The procedure for this new service consists of collecting electronic mail sent from the Internet to affiliated institutions, and checking it and deleting junk or fraudulent mail or viruses prior to delivery. That is to say, it provides a common sub post office for the whole RedIRIS community that filters unclean traffic destined for its users. In this way, institutions will have a clean, secure e-mail service.

The Lavadora service provides major benefits for institutions affiliated to RedIRIS, among which are:

  • Greater efficiency in reducing spam, viruses and malware at a lower cost.
  • Optimisation in the acquisition of hardware, licences and personnel to eliminate spam, viruses and malware.
  • Reduction of unclean traffic in its lines of communication.
  • Reduction of resources (servers, management, costs, time etc.) by processing less e-mail.
  • A transparent solution without needing to install additional software.
  • High level of availability, 365x24x7 maintenance and 8x5 support.
  • Simple management through a control panel.

More information on the service