RedIRIS organizes a new grid course in Seville

RedIRIS, as a participant of the EGEE-III project, is organising a new GRID course for the Spanish academic and scientific community and for participants of the Spanish e-Science and NGI Network, as well as members of the EGEE-III project.

The tutorial, which will be held from 1 to 5 February in Seville, in the facilities of the Centro Informático Científico de Andalucía (CICA), is designed to provide the basic knowledge necessary for the development of GRID applications. The course will be mainly practical and be given in two parts:

1) User tutorial, the purpose of which is to refresh knowledge of the use and operation of the infrastructure. This part has already been dealt with in previous courses.
2) Development of GRID applications, the purpose of which is to introduce the use of the various APIs that enable application development. This part is totally new and has never been dealth with in any previous tutorial.

You can find more information about the course and the registration form on: