Participation of RedIRIS in FI-WARE

 RedIRIS contributes to the project by:

  • Participating in project coordination
  • Playing a central role in the deployment and operation of the FI-WARE Testbed (“FIWAT”) and the Open Innovation Lab (OIL). To do this it has deployed a powerful infrastructure of servers in data processing centres connected to RedIRIS-NOVA. It has had valuable collaboration in this from pioneering city councils in smart cities, such as Malaga, Seville and Santander, which, with the collaboration of the universities of these cities, wish to encourage the participation of local SMEs in developing new applications
  • Collaborating on dissemination, particularly to publicise the possibilities of the testbed, in order to encourage its use
  • RedIRIS' contribution of personnel to the project is equivalent to approximately one person on a full-time basis for the duration of the project.