who has signed my key ?

Drawing the keys that have signed one key

Do you have asked yourself about how the PGP keys are related ?, using this form you can see the relationship between the PGP keys that have signed one key (for example your key ;-)

The idea is based in sig2dot , a program that can draw the relationship between a group of PGP keys, using graphviz to generate the graph.

Those graphs works quite fine with keys that have few signatures, (please, don't test this CGI with keys that have a lot of signatures because the graph would be so big and will last so much to be generated, below there is an example with a key with a lot of signatures:

A bad example (too big and with too much signatures):

Signer of IRIS-CERT, the security team of RedIRIS

To build this graph you need two programs:

  • sig2dot , This is the program that generate the graph, using th output of "gpg --list-sigs"
    The result of this program is a file that can be used by
  • Graphviz and generate a graph in diferent formats (PDF, PNG, etc).

Key id, (for ejemple 0x4A654E8D) :      

You can use el Our Keyserver if you need to look up your keyid

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