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RedIRIS NewsBone Information

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General information about RedIRIS

Short description: National Research Network
RedIRIS operates an ATM-based backbone network in Spain, primarily targeted at Spanish universities, educational and research organizations. Value added services are provided as well.
Contact person: Javier Palacios: +34 91 585 4903
Address: Serrano, 142 E-28006 Madrid SPAIN
email: javier.palaciosrediris.es
use newsmanagerrediris.es for operational issues.

Network connectivity relevant for NewsBone

type of IP connectivity links & bandwidths
Directly reachable
exchange points
2 x GE links
R&D European networks 2.5Gbps to GEANT
Global IP 2 x 622Mbps links

Existing peering newsfeeds

full & non-binary feeds only
peering feed type country organisation news server
European CH SWITCH rediris-in.news.switch.ch
BE BELNET rediris.news.belnet.be
IT GARR rediris-in.news.garr.it
FR JUSSIEU news.jussieu.fr
Intercontinental US MIT bloom-beacon.mit.edu

Partial: regional newsgroups only
peering feed type country organisation news server
National ES ESPANIX news.espanix.es
Telefónica Data news.mad.ttd.net
ONO newsf01.ono.es
British Telecom mimas.bt.es
European EN EASYNET rediris-to-easynet.news.easynet.net

Information about News server(s)

Server heraldo.rediris.es
location (city+country): Madrid, Spain
coordinates: 40.26 N / 3.41 O
hardware: Sun-Fire 280R
2 CPU's @900 MHz, 4096 MB RAM
operating system: Solaris 8
News service
news spool area: 70 GB on a dedicated disk drive
software: INN 2.3.2
nntp name: international-news.rediris.es
pathhost: news.rediris.es
interface names(s): Always use international-news.rediris.es
carried newsgroups: hierarchies
online info: http://www.rediris.es/nb/stats-info.en.html

Policy issues:

carried newsgroups: *:!alt.binaries,!some_regional_hierarchies
group list management: PGP-based wherever possible
anti-spam measures:
use of cleanfeed-0.95.5a's content-neutral parts
ECP: <10 crossposts
EMP: based on article headers (f/s/l), (ph/l) and body (md5)
bin: binaries in non-binary groups not (yet) blocked

Miscellaneous info

Newsbone page, participants - NetNews-Working Group

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