Directory schemas

for the RedIRIS community

Schemas defined by RedIRIS

RedIRIS has defined several schemas to enable the use of directory servers within the RedIRIS constituency.

  • iris
    Contains generic objects applicable to the RedIRIS community.
    • irisPerson, irisInetEntity, irisObject
    • idnc, sn1, sn2, irisPersonalTitle, irisPersonalUniqueID, irisUserEntitlement, irisUserStatus, irisUserPrivateAttribute, digitalCertificate, irisMailHost, irisMailRoutingAddress, irisMailbox, irisMailMainAddress, irisMailAlternateAddress
  • irisgrid
    Used by the IRISGrid project.
  • pkiris
    Used in the pkIRISGrid
  • copa
    Allows the use of a virtual navigational interface across LDAP directories based on attributes that use the COPA coding.
  • catre
    Used in CATRE, a hierarchical classification based on knowledge areas.
  • papi
    Used by the components of PAPI.

Schemas defined by our affiliated institutions

Under construction

Other schemas