IRISRBL Service for RedIRIS

Conditions of Use
IRISRBL is offered under the following conditions:
  1. It is only offered to institutions affiliated to RedIRIS.

  2. Use of the IRISRBL zones is free of charge for institutions connected to RedIRIS. The service seeks to contribute to reducing spam in RedIRIS institutions, however, complete elimination of spam is not guaranteed.

  3. RedIRIS will allow access to IRISRBL zones exclusively from the IPs requested by the institutions.

  4. RedIRIS only accepts responsibility for the use of IPs included in the IRISRBL service. RedIRIS recommends that IRISRBL zones are used exclusively; however, each organisation is free to take its own decision and action regarding domains and IPs from which it does not wish to accept e-mails.

  5. RedIRIS considers that most institutions will get the highest performance and benefits from blocking SMTP connections that send spam, however, each organisation must take its own decision about the use of the IRISRBL service.

  6. To find out if an IP address has been blocked by IRISRBL it is mandatory to include an error code in the server configuration that includes the following text: 550 Service unavailable; IP has been blocked using RedIRIS Reputation Service (IRISRBL). You have to send an email to

  7. RedIRIS declines any responsibility for delays caused by the use of IRISRBL; however, it puts at the disposal of its institutions a mechanism for excluding IPs in order to exclude IPs that cause false positives. This mechanism is fast and effective and IP's will be excluded, without the need for any type of explanation, in the space of approximately 30 minutes.

  8. RedIRIS will only process IP cancellations when these are requested via the appropriate mechanisms through the accredited managers in the institution that subscribed the service with RedIRIS.

  9. In order to safeguard the IRISRBL services resources, institutions must prevent unauthorised third parties from making use of the service through their DNS. That is, the institution's DNS resolver MUST NOT accept zone recursive DNS lookups from outside its networks. In general, it is good practice not to allow recursive DNS lookups from outside your network.

  10. RedIRIS will provide support for the service by email and telephone during normal working hours.